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Lefty didn’t think of himself as deformed, more like asymmetrical, and which way he leaned politically–right or left–he said depended on whether he was coming or going . . .

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Too Pink

The Lefties said she wasn’t blue enough, the Righties said she wasn’t red enough, some girl singer said she was infringing on her “PINK” trademark, and the Feds said she needed an environmental impact statement and Federal permit or she had to quit growing and spreading pollen on Federal land . . .

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Leaning Right

Many in the president’s audience looked to be neutral, but some were clearly leaning to the right . . .

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Leaning to the Left

After a major shift to the right for the one political group, there seemed to be a little softening; in fact, some appeared to be leaning to the left.

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Leaning Right

Now that the election brouhaha was over, the majority of voters claimed they had been leaning right all along, but a few were still not ready to commit . . .

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After the first debate, The Donald was ready, loaded for bear, and definitely the right wing candidate . . .

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