real estate scam

  • When the snake charmer at the entrance to the park--who also claimed to be a real estate agent--offered to sell Tommy and Ruthie the cool stone building, they were dubious about whether he really had a listing . . .

Snake Charmer

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The Arc

When Tommy, a Texas cowboy, won a trip to Paris from the Louisiana casino, he was a little overwhelmed.  When the taxi driver tried to sell him the Arc, he declined–no place to put the horses . . .

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Possible Real Estate Scam

When the taxi driver offered to sell Jimmy and Sue Ida from Arkansas the Arc, Jim declined; a similar transaction for the Brooklyn Bridge hadn’t ended well . . .

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Speculative Real Estate

When John bought a lot on the moon on CraigsList, he knew it was somewhat speculative–his wife called him “stupid” and suggested he move there as soon as the divorce was final.

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