Taking a Knee

Protesting fences, Eugene “took a knee” every time someone said, “Give me a home, where the buffalo roam . . .”

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Close Quarters

Kiki had just gone out to her mail box to check her mail but inadvertently had gotten surrounded and absorbed by a group of Ferguson protesters who were then arrested and subsequently taken off to a holding cell.  Kiki, a little claustrophobic,  was pretty sure the cell was not meant to hold that many folks–it was really close quarters.

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5 Second Rule

In Ferguson MO, the protest agitators had warned the citizens to observe the 5 second rule:  Don’t eat anything that’s been dropped and stays on the ground for more than 5 seconds.  Since much of the produce grew in or on the ground, and other veggies may have been on the ground while harvesting, the veggie stall owner escaped the wrath of the protesters . . . there wasn’t much of a building to burn anyway, and how do you get lettuce to burn?

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