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  • As Beto O'Rourke finished his last day of skateboard fundraising for his presidential bid, he tweeted that he was leaving the crowded field and felt that his campaign was like the Tejas sunset that day, "goin' down . . ."

Goin’ Down

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  • Listening to the 20+ presidential¬†candidates argue or shoot down their opponents' claims, Lyle thought they all sounded about the same.¬† If the TV interviewers and radio programs didn't tell him who was speaking, he couldn't tell just by their twitter rants or¬† social media posts . . .

Who’s Who?

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I’m Outa Here!

When asked by friends at the local watering hole to debate the merits of the candidates, Ozzy’s reply was simply “I’m outa here . . .”

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No Help

After hearing all three acrimonious debates, Lester still couldn’t figure out which candidate was going to do anything for cows except milk them or eat them . . .

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When Gillian was asked which party she preferred in the upcoming elections, she said she was undecided; she had hoped for a revival of the Flower Power party . . .

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Shaky Platform

Considering a late independent run for president, Ross Perot’s grandson was told by his campaign managers that his platform was pretty shaky . . .

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