Presidential election

  • Carrie, who lived in a "Blue" state, was asked by her neighbors how she was voting in the fall elections.  She replied "Undecided". They expressed some doubts . . .


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Long Face

When asked “Why the long face?” Candace Jean said, “Nobody bothered to poll the pelicans for the election, much less help to get out the pelican vote–all votes should count . . .”

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Ducking the Issue

As she walked into WalMart, Louise faced a wall of reporters asking how she was voting and was accused of “ducking the issue” when she refused to be interviewed . . .

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Cold Shoulder

Beau hadn’t heard any campaign promises that helped a moose–or any ungulates for that matter–so when the pollsters and campaign  people called, he gave them the cold shoulder . . .

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Countdown Sunset

Hearing a concerned news commentator liken the time till election to an almost finished sunset, Karyn couldn’t help but wonder if after the election the sun was ever coming back up . . .

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