• While wearing her tiny "Mexican" party hat, Her Royal Fuzziness, The Princess Buttercup, saw on TV that one of the freshman senators claimed the world was ending in 12 years.¬† She wondered if that was human years or dog years . . .

Just Wondering

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What’s in the Future?

A dog Buttercup met at the Vet told her that Snow Globes can foretell the future–Buttercup was still waiting, ¬†nothing yet . . .

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National Chupacabra Day

To kick off her National Chupacabra Awareness Day on social media, The Princess Buttercup (a standard poodle) got her special Chupacabra haircut . . .

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Snake Handling

Buttercup had read some rural Appalachian churches practiced snake handling and was curious, but decided it wasn’t for her . . .

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Her Royal Fuzziness

Buttercup, after watching a BBC documentary on “the Royals,” decided she needed to enhance her title to be like them, so now she’s known as “Her Royal Fuzziness, the Princess Buttercup.”

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Unfulfilled Expectations

When The Princess Buttercup (AKA Polly Wolly Poodle All The Day) had agreed to let the stylist make her look “just like one of the Kardashians,” her hopes had been high. After “do” reflections, her hope gave way to doubt about the stylists claims . . .while lovely, it just wasn’t “Kardashian.”

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