• When Her Royal Fuzziness, the Princess Buttercup, heard the expression "Let sleeping dogs lie," she wondered why dogs would lie at all and especially if they're sleeping.  In fact, how could they lie if they were sleeping . . .

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

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  • Her Royal Fuzziness the Princess Buttercup was cool with the topknot and mustaches, but she was thinking the Mohawk might be a little over the top . . .


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  • When Handsome Samson, also known as Sam I Am, heard about the Romans, Greeks, and Jews reclining while dining, he thought it a good--no--a great idea.  Yup . . .

Relaxed Dining

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  • When Buttercup, always truthful, heard the expression "Let sleeping dogs lie," she wondered, "Why do they have to be asleep to lie? Can dogs lie if awake? And most important, how did they lie if asleep? By Vulcan Mind Meld . . .?

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

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  • While wearing her tiny "Mexican" party hat, Her Royal Fuzziness, The Princess Buttercup, saw on TV that one of the freshman senators claimed the world was ending in 12 years.  She wondered if that was human years or dog years . . .

Just Wondering

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What’s in the Future?

A dog Buttercup met at the Vet told her that Snow Globes can foretell the future–Buttercup was still waiting,  nothing yet . . .

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