Career Choices

Maurice was  facing a major cross roads in his educational decision making; major in biology and go into rodent control (always needed) or choose political science.  His natural attributes qualified him equally well for either choice . . .

We’re Here to Help You

When men in suits knocked on Kevin’s door, showed government ID’s and said, “We’re here to help you,” he could think of only one response. . .

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Fence Sitter

Christine had been pressured by her friends on both sides of the political spectrum, but finally registered as an independent–after all, she was good at fence sitting . . .

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“What?” asked Henry, “You want me to run for Governor in a blue state?”

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Johnny was consumed with his heritage, and to get answers, he had signed up for ancestry.com.  He had reached the end, and it looked like he was related to Barry Goldwater, the conservative Arizona senator; Marian Berry, the disgraced coke-snorting D. C. mayor; Barry Manilow; or Chuck Berry.  He was pretty sure it was not all of them . . .

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Tangled Web of Deceit

Tandy had wanted to run for elected office since childhood, but when she learned in civics class that virtually all politicians had to weave a tangled web of deceit to survive, she found the concept of intentional disorder more than a little repugnant . . .

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