Platalea ajaja

  • The girls were miffed--just because they were a beautiful pink didn't mean they were going to a Mary Kay convention . . .

Not Mary Kay

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  • Susanna found her spoonbill perfect for catching tadpoles, minnows, and crayfish, but less than perfect for personal grooming . . .

Not Perfect

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  • Eloise wished her deodorant would absorb or dry more quickly--she felt so sticky while waiting . . .


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  • Yvette was thrilled--she made the first cut in the Houston Texans cheerleader tryouts.  Being the only roseate spoonbill, she had not only her natural elegance, but the minority thing going for her . . .

Cheerleader Tryouts

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Who Did That?

The boys learned  early–if you pass gas in a crowd, turn to the one next to you and say (loudly) “Did you do  that . . .?

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The Johnson twins (pink) had eaten all the pizza, drunk all his beer, and now were checking the cupboards for potato chips–it never ended. Kevin (white) was praying they would leave before they found his bottle of 15 year old Scotch . . .

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