Too Pink

The Lefties said she wasn’t blue enough, the Righties said she wasn’t red enough, some girl singer said she was infringing on her “PINK” trademark, and the Feds said she needed an environmental impact statement and Federal permit or she had to quit growing and spreading pollen on Federal land . . .

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Save the Ta Ta’s

To show their support for breast cancer awareness,  the girls  all wore pink when in public and got “Save The Ta Ta’s” bumper stickers for their cars.  They also made  their husbands get pink Ducks Unlimited bumper stickers for their trucks . . .

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Pink Concert

Wilma thought she must have read the twitter post wrong; it was supposed to be a “Pink” concert.  While the venue was certainly pink, the only concert was from her iPod . . .

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First it had been  Madonna, then Pink and Lady Gaga, now Frizzy thought she would have a go at the pop music circuit.  Her first single hit, “Howl like a she wolf,” while short on actual lyrics, carried with it with raw emotion of the head back, wide-open-mouth canine howl at the moon that some claimed she borrowed from Texas Democratic Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee when complaining about George W. Bush . . .

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Pink Concert

Linda realized she must have drifted off and dozed while at the Pink Concert.  To get tickets, she had stood in line for almost two days without sleep and eating only a couple of trail mix power bars and some day old Kentucky Fried Chicken someone gave her.  She wished she’d had time for a nap after finally getting the ticket, but the lines had been so long and slow she had to go immediately to her seat.  She would never have thought those seats were comfortable enough to sleep in.. . . .  David, Sf.G.

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Lady Gaga’s New Do

Conceptually, Lady Gaga liked the casual windblown look, but the color concerned her; she was worried that maybe the audiences might confuse her with her musical competitor, Pink.  . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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