• Once the Mueller Report had found  no Russian collusion for the 2016 election,  journalists and politicos who had bet their careers on collusion  were taking flight . . . 

Taking Flight

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  • When his wife suggested they quit the Keto Diet and include chocolate, pizza and beer (the three essential food groups), Mikey's response was not ambiguous in any way . . .

Keto Diet Reaction

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I’m Outa Here!

When asked by friends at the local watering hole to debate the merits of the candidates, Ozzy’s reply was simply “I’m outa here . . .”

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Galen, a master falconer, had never used an osprey, and wasn’t sure if this display was political commentary or lack of training . . .

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Wrong Address

Eugene, the delivery guy  (known as a bit of a bully), shouted, “What do you mean, you didn’t order take out fish and chips?”  But when he checked his iPhone, he had to apologize; he was in fact on the wrong block . . .

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Incontinence Issues

Julie had never dreamed it would happen to her, but she finally knew she had to begin thinking about adult disposable underwear–the thought of an unscheduled incident in public was just too humiliating to think about.  She wondered if maybe there were adult incontinence support groups available. . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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