musk ox

  • Cody felt like he was being pushed out by the group--they said he had been "taking a Knee."  He wished he could get them to understand he had just slipped on the ice that had been hidden under the snow . . .

Not Taking a Knee

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DNA Test

Albert was quite surprised–he had sent a DNA sample to to find out who he was, and he was quite surprised to find he was 3% Cambodian, 11% Nigerian, and the rest Texican.  No Musk Ox or Moose . . .

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Dress Code

When invited for a luncheon interview (and possible job) for the new administration’s global warming study, Cedric wondered if perhaps he should have worn his Trump tie . . .

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Tattooed Eyeliner?

Tina thought herself reasonably attractive but didn’t seem to be generating much interest from the guys; maybe if she got the tattooed-on eye liner . . .

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Ragnar had pretty well decided that next year he was going to take his winter vacation someplace warm like  Montana or Minnesota, or maybe North Dakota . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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