Mountain Goat

  • When Higgins was asked by tourists whether he favored impeaching the president or not, his stand was consistent, "I'm neutral.  BTW, is that a troll over on the next hill . . . ?"     


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Just Over the Hill

When the Jones family (from Iowa) asked the Ranger where they might see bighorn sheep or mountain goats, he replied “Just over the hill.”  They figured “hill” must be a matter of context . . .

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Sheep and Goats

When William read in the Bible about separating the sheep from the goats, he wondered if that included mountain goats or just those pesky little trash eaters from outside the park . . .

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Goat Party

Though slow, Hubert was glad to see the Goat Party was growing; it was now up to three. They weren’t sure who to back yet, but they were pretty sure it wouldn’t be Kim Jong Un . . .

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Uphill Fight

There was enough to eat, Camilla (back) thought,  if you knew where to look, but it was always an uphill fight . . .

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Old Goat

Herbie wished the brash young punks would quit calling him “that old goat”; he was only 7 in human years or 53 in goat years (a goat year is equal to1.29 dog years).  He couldn’t even apply for social security yet . . .

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