• Mattie was having a hard time finding something to wear for her prom date.  Local shopping was a waste of time, and even with online shopping, it was hard to find something elegant in her size . . .


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DNA Test

Albert was quite surprised–he had sent a DNA sample to to find out who he was, and he was quite surprised to find he was 3% Cambodian, 11% Nigerian, and the rest Texican.  No Musk Ox or Moose . . .

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Vegan Diet Problems

Chloe’s vegan diet, no matter how hard she tried, was impossible; tadpoles, minnows, and crayfish hiding in the seaweed were down the hatch before she noticed . . .

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Jimmy Choos

Jennifer saved forever to buy the Jimmy Choos. Then she read on CNN’s site the Company merged with Nike to make stiletto heel cross trainers; Fake News . . .?

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Mating Season Update

Thinking a little “change-up” may help in mating season,  Gwen decided to have her lips and ears pierced and corn rows for her snout.  She hoped it wouldn’t be over the top . . .

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Cold Shoulder

Beau hadn’t heard any campaign promises that helped a moose–or any ungulates for that matter–so when the pollsters and campaign  people called, he gave them the cold shoulder . . .

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