Goose Decoys

Kenneth’s theory was that size isn’t important and that close is good enough; after all, how smart can a goose be with a brain the size of a pea? Sadly, substituting his neighbor’s lawn flamings for decoys  just didn’t seem to be working as he had hoped  . . .

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Turn off the Water!

Annette had told her husband that the sprayer on the garden hose leaked and to be sure to turn of the faucet–he never listened . . .

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No Water Shortage

California had a water shortage and lots of thirsty people–Montana had lots of water and not all that many people.  Governor Brown of California, along with George Clooney, Barbra Streisand, Lady GaGa and the Michael Jackson heirs are lobbying the president to use an executive order to annex Montana as a new county and water source for a thirsty California.

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Home Improvement

Jack (pictured, blue shirt) had seen the Marble Arch in London and thought it would be just the thing to spiff up his ranch in Montana; to his surprise, it was not for sale, at any price. What’s more, none of the home improvement stores back home–Lowe’s, Home Depot–had any plans available or ideas on how to build one; they couldn’t even suggest a contractor, although he found two offered on eBay and three on Craigslist for Nigeria.

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12 Step Program

It had been billed as a simple 12 step program, but to Buddy, who was just beginning to get used to the idea, it seemed like there were a lot more than 12 steps, and some of them pretty steep.

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Rock Concert

It had been billed as a Montana Rock Concert, and true enough, the rocks were there, but it was hard to imagine where the music came in.  Little rocks falling from or on big rocks may have passed for percussion, but this was to have been rock, not hip-hop/rap, both genres where not only is music not heard, it isn’t even desired . . .

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