• One of Helen's kids, Elly, was no trouble, but her brother Hector was always questioning why they had to eat nothing but green stuff.  "Couldn't we get a McRib or Chick Fil-A for a change?" he asked . . .

Do We Have to be Vegan?

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Hummingbird Junk Food

Junie, health conscious but trying to outrun Hurricane Harvey, knew human sugar water was the McRib of hummingbird food, but sometimes time trumped health . . .

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Breaking Ranks

Clarice knew doves were supposed to be vegan, but after eating two wasps and a dragonfly, she began wishing McDonald’s would offer the McRib sandwich again soon . . .

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Raised by Wolves

Westley just appeared in school one day, and was considered a bit odd–standoffish even. But how do you explain to your fellow kids–or the teacher for that matter–that he had been raised by wolves and had been sent to school by the pack to learn how to make fire and McRib sandwiches . . .

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Up, Up and Away

When the girls heard that McDonalds was again offering the McRib sandwich, suddenly eating snails, tadpoles, and minnows didn’t sound so good,  All that was heard from their neighbors was a hearty “Up, Up, and away to Mickey D’s” . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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Limited Menu

Susie Anne knew that when traveling, fast food was the norm, and drive-through meals common, but she had been hoping for something else besides purple pollen; maybe a nice McRib sandwich or some popcorn chicken from Popeyes.  “Don’t forget to get extra dipping sauce,” she reminded herself . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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