• When the younger kids kept begging to stay in the water a little longer at the beach, their big brother Bob (kind of a bully--and in a hurry to get to McDonalds) said, "No, the day is nearly done and dark is when the sharks come to feed on kids that don't listen . . ."

Nearly Dark

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Breaking Ranks

Clarice knew doves were supposed to be vegan, but after eating two wasps and a dragonfly, she began wishing McDonald’s would offer the McRib sandwich again soon . . .

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Troubling Prospects

As election day drew near, the girls were in a quandary: They wanted to vote Green:, but the “Green” folks said cow flatulence was causing global warming, and they should turn themselves in to McDonald’s for the good of the planet . . .

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Twyla was tired of discrimination and stereotyping–she was always expected to be a gentle vegan–she wanted a double meat Big Mac and Karate lessons . . .

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Free Cowllege

The politician’s promise of free college sounded good until Bertha learned that she first had to do a stint at McDonald’s, likely as a menu item . . .

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Hansel & Grethel/GPS Blues

As the darkness loomed and the fog began to roll into the forest primeval, Hansel and Grethel began to wish they hadn’t relied on the bread crumbs to find their way home. First, their cell phone GPS was much more accurate, and second, with no McDonald’s in sight, the crumbs could have made a meal, even if not a nutritionally balanced one . . .

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