Long-jawed orbweaver

  • Everyone wanted to look sharp on the first day of school (bugschool) and Sophie did her best.  The butterflies said, "Not bad for a fashionista spider, but where are your wings . . . ?"


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Calling Evolution

On TV nature programs, Lizzy had heard that evolution changed living organisms to make them better.  She wondered how to contact evolution to get her back put on straight . . .

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Busy, All Tied Up

When Penelope was asked to go clubbing with the girls, she had to tell them,  “Sorry, busy, all tied up . . .”

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Spider Bling

The black widows had the showy red hour glass, and the golden orb weavers were bright, but Gwen was confident she was the real head turner . . .

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Vegan Dreams

Eldridge had found veganism on the web, and he was convinced that was the future, at least for him.  But how do you catch broccoli, cabbage, strawberries or rutabagas in a web–orb or cob . . .?

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