Little Blue Heron

  • Ornithologists and scientists had known of crows and ravens using sticks to get ants out of ant holes, but  Fredrick was the first Little Blue Heron they had observed using a stick to get crawdads out of the mud.  Said Fredrick, "I ain't sticking my beak in that stuff . . ."

Tool User

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Color Blind

Thomas wished his intense color didn’t make him have to explain time and again that it was not necessarily an indication of his political point of view or his choice in music (although he was quite fond of Stevie Ray Vaughn, B. B. King and Marcia Ball) . . .


Quinton had a hard time believing his father was that prejudiced–when he told them about his new friends, all his father could day was, “Cold blooded reptiles, with shells so heavy they could never fly; what are you thinking, boy?”

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All You Can Eat Crawfish

The all-you-can-eat concept sounded good, but Joaquin hadn’t read the fine print–it wasn’t boiled crawfish brought to your table, you had to catch them, they weren’t cooked, and they still had the shells on . . .

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Tina knew that Little Blue Herons were, well, blue, but hopefully she would knock their socks off with her fancy added highlights at the party Friday . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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