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Lefty didn’t think of himself as deformed, more like asymmetrical, and which way he leaned politically–right or left–he said depended on whether he was coming or going . . .

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Too Pink

The Lefties said she wasn’t blue enough, the Righties said she wasn’t red enough, some girl singer said she was infringing on her “PINK” trademark, and the Feds said she needed an environmental impact statement and Federal permit or she had to quit growing and spreading pollen on Federal land . . .

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Leaning to the Left

After a major shift to the right for the one political group, there seemed to be a little softening; in fact, some appeared to be leaning to the left.

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Bad Reception

Gabriella was worried her antennas  weren’t working right–she could only get NPR and an oldies station–no Rush Limbaugh or Hannity.  A vast Left Wing conspiracy . . .?

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Leaning Left

When a Trump supporter said Donald is leaning to the right, his buddy said not if you are seeing it from the audience . . .

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Identity Crisis

The girls decided that they were facing an identity crisis– they weren’t blue enough to be left wing or red enough to be right wing, they didn’t like the “Rhino” tag at all or being associated with a children’s program’s  squishy, fuzzy dinosaur, and they weren’t interested in promoting the Prince “Purple Rain” CD.  Maybe they could start a reality show and be the Kardashians of the flower world–famous for being famous . . .

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