Lady Gaga

  • They just called themselves "The Quartet;"  they were considering an offer from Lady Gaga to open for her new North American Tour. The girls--Twyla, Penny, Blanca, and Jenelle--had two problems with the offer regardless of how profitable it was. First, they did Gregorian Chants to a Hip Hop beat and weren't sure how well that would go down with the Lady Gaga crowd; second, they felt like they had been in one spot so long, they had put down roots . . . 

The Quartet

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  • Gary (pictured) had had a tough night; first he heard that wrestling was fake, then that Lady Gaga  was really a guy, that Oprah was retiring, and that Michael Jackson wasn't really dead but doing charity work in Haiti.  The final straw had been the news report that Mike Pence had run off with Madonna and been elected to  be prime minister of Israel.  It seemed as though he was living in a web of deceit . . . 

A Tough Night

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Lady GaGa Look

Jennie knew mating season was just around the corner, and she hadn’t had a date in quite a while.  She hoped maybe the Lady Gaga look would do the trick . . .

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Drama Queen

When Carol Lee’s dad refused to let her use the car to go to a Lady Ga Ga concert, she pointed at the sunset and said, “That’s how you make me feel, like I’m sinking socially!”  He said if she was going to be a successful drama queen, she should go on line to the University of Phoenix and take some drama lessons.

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Lady GaGa Barbie


Annette (pictured, 25th row, 7th from left) had gotten in line before 5 AM at the local Wal-Mart to get one of the new Barbie Lady Gaga dolls for her daughter; she had no idea that the demand would be this high. The question was who was Barbie’s companion doll–the new Ken–going to be . . . Brad Pitt or Justin Bieber?

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A Question of Style

The girls–all natural blondes–had elected to go with the straight hair style of the 1960’s era folk singers–like Mary Travers of Peter, Paul, and Mary or Joan Baez–but now, as the performance drew near, they wondered if they shouldn’t have added a little curl or color. But then, Lady Gaga pulled it off with the straight blonde (white?) look, didn’t she?

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