• At first, Gabe resented being called a mockingbird--he never mocked anyone--well, maybe politicians, the Kardashians, reality shows, and WWR, but everyone mocked them, didn't they . . .?


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Where Are the Kardashians?

As Erica put away her “bling,” she couldn’t help but wonder what happened to the Kardashians.  They hadn’t been on a tabloid cover for, like, months–had they become un-famous for being famous . . .?

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Identity Crisis

The girls decided that they were facing an identity crisis– they weren’t blue enough to be left wing or red enough to be right wing, they didn’t like the “Rhino” tag at all or being associated with a children’s program’s  squishy, fuzzy dinosaur, and they weren’t interested in promoting the Prince “Purple Rain” CD.  Maybe they could start a reality show and be the Kardashians of the flower world–famous for being famous . . .

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Social Dilemma

It had started out as just fun, but then the rough crowd crashed the party, and some of those attending were very uncomfortable. Unsure of what to do, Jillian asked her friend CoCo, who replied, “Just ask WWTKD?” When Jillian asked for clarification, the answer was “What would the Kardashians do?” This suggestion didn’t bring the comfort she was hoping for . . .

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