Jerry Brown

No Water Shortage

California had a water shortage and lots of thirsty people–Montana had lots of water and not all that many people.  Governor Brown of California, along with George Clooney, Barbra Streisand, Lady GaGa and the Michael Jackson heirs are lobbying the president to use an executive order to annex Montana as a new county and water source for a thirsty California.

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Drought/Flood Conundrum

David, thinking outside the box, tried to figure out how to ship Texas’ excess flood water to California.  Gov. Brown was receptive, but his constituency wanted to know if it was vegan; had it crossed borders legally; would it need Government help once it arrived, and did it qualify for ObamaCare?  The nuts & bolts part–how to physically get it there–seemed to be lost somehow.  The Libs worried a water pipeline might be used to move Texas oil to California.  And who would they name it after–George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Cher, Lady Gaga? Gov. Brown was open, but the Californians were firm–NO BUSH . . .!

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Waiting for the Big One

Looking forward to retirement, Buddy and Marge had bought an ocean front lot in Arizona through an Internet Real Estate sales site.  The lot price had seemed quite reasonable for ocean front property, but when they went to see their new lot, they found it was just desert.  The salesman explained that if they had bothered to read the fine print, it had been sold as future ocean front, it wouldn’t  be ocean front until California had the “Big One” and fell into the Pacific.  That, he explained, might not happen until the next election when Arnold beat Jerry Brown . . .

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