• With articles of impeachment now in play, many have asked, "Where do the articles come from?"  Some investigative work quickly showed that, like many things, the actual work had been out-sourced to an Indian firm specializing in such things . . . 

Where Articles Come From

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  • When the snake charmer at the entrance to the park--who also claimed to be a real estate agent--offered to sell Tommy and Ruthie the cool stone building, they were dubious about whether he really had a listing . . .

Snake Charmer

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Feeling Safe

The girls didn’t understand, why should they join PETA, they were in India for goodness sake . . .?

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That Dog Won’t Hunt

When Gordy took his newly adopted rescue dog to PetSmart for a trim before rabbit season, the groomer was quick to offer an opinion: “That dog won’t hunt . . .”

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Bixxy May found out that if you wanted a door that made a statement, there was only one place to go– . . .

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EPA Blues

The EPA nearly shut him down: a penalty and tax on cow flatulence, a fine for no manure disposal permit, and more. Hopefully the new Trump EPA guy would lighten up  . .  .

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