• The preppers, concerned about the outcome of the impeachment proceedings and the spreading of the coronavirus, decided the only sane thing to do was just dig in and hunker down.  And there was always some wise guy saying, "I can dig it" who mostly just leaned on his shovel . . .

Digging In

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  • With articles of impeachment now in play, many have asked, "Where do the articles come from?"  Some investigative work quickly showed that, like many things, the actual work had been out-sourced to an Indian firm specializing in such things . . . 

Where Articles Come From

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  • While watching the TV news reporting on the US missile strike in Iraq, little Judy looked out the window and asked her mom if that was the missle strike.  Her mother said no, that was just the Washington politicans arguing about the impeachment rules . . .


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  • When Higgins was asked by tourists whether he favored impeaching the president or not, his stand was consistent, "I'm neutral.  BTW, is that a troll over on the next hill . . . ?"     


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