Great Blue Heron

  • With only mullet and croakers in sight and no Pizza on the horizon, Howie was thinking that once again there was something fishy going on with the caterers . . .

Something’s Fishy

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  • Bruce, who claimed to be of English extraction, said he only ate fish and chips to connect to his toots, but his fish dinner never seemed to include chips--at least, no one ever saw  any chips. Maybe he was Norwegian . . . ?

Fish . . .No Chips?

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  • When Gina lost her job, her friend Kiki suggested pole dancing.  Gina was puzzled; dance with a Polish man up here? Too crowded . . . and was it to be ballet? Ball room dancing? An Irish  jig? Clogging or tap dancing?  Would she have to take lessons first . . . ?

Pole Dancer

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July 4th Contest

New York and Nathan’s had their July 4th Hot Dog Eating contest, so not to be outdone, Texas had its Fresh Fish eating contest.   Clyde was running into trouble with #38 . . .

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Casual Friday

Rather than a tux for the senior prom, Gilford chose the “Casual Friday” look, saying that bow ties on long skinny necks just looked stupid . . .

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Assistant Secretary Appointment

In spite of his girlfriend not wanting to move to DC, Tom hoped he would get the Assistant Secretary of Wading Bird Affairs spot. Surely, if needed, there would be other long legged birds in Washington . . .

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