Glacier Park

Hard Rock Cafe

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Rocky Mountain High

Bertie knew it was a bit of a stretch harvesting the “volunteer” marijuana plants that had grown from the seeds tourists dropped, but it was for “medical use” only . . .

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The new administration planned to sell some public land to balance the budget.  The prices were quite steep, but then so was the land  . . .

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Considerable Resistance

When Gwen asked Twyla Sue how much resistance her father was giving to buying her a new Corvette, she said a picture is worth a thousand words . . .

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A Little Privacy

The pressure had been tremendous, and the President had discovered that real privacy was harder to find than he had ever dreamed possible.  The advance crew suggested this area in Glacier National Park, but even there, grizzly bears were a potential problem, though perhaps less of a danger than his political opponents . . .

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Big City, Middle of Montana

As Mike saw the rising east side of East Park, he began to understand the lyrics of the Merle Haggard song, “Big City; Middle of Montana” . . .

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