Glacier National Park

  • Virginia was determined not to have a political or religious argument during the so-called holidays.  It was going to be steep going . . .

Steep Going

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  • Irwin (not pictured) had been applying for a job at the park since high school--he told them he would even work part time--but never seemed to get hired, even though others did. For some reason, he was pretty sure they were stonewalling him . . .


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  • Chucky was tired of being overlooked in Glacier Park, where the moose, bears, elk, deer, goats and sheep all got top billing for their image on T-shirts.  His lawyer proposed a Federal discrimination suit . . .


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  • When Higgins was asked by tourists whether he favored impeaching the president or not, his stand was consistent, "I'm neutral.  BTW, is that a troll over on the next hill . . . ?"     


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  • Ralph was puzzled when a Silicon Valley visitor to Glacier Park asked him which browser he preferred.  Ralph answered, "Well, Duh, the same ones everyone uses--mouth, teeth, lips, tongue  . . ."

Which Browser?

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  • As the forest fire raged, the park rangers were pretty sure someone had not obeyed the no smoking signs . . .

No Smoking

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