Frank Sinatra

Not Sinatra or Judy Collins

Purrrfect was tired of having to explain, no, she was not Frank Sinatra or Judy Collins in spite of those arresting blue eyes.  She couldn’t sing a lick; in fact, her yeowling sounded like a child being punished. Hers was not a career in music . . .

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Eye Trouble

Lester was sorely disappointed; the blue contacts were irritating his eyes so badly he had to get rid of them.  He had really wanted the Frank Sinatra look–“Old Blue Eyes”–but it wasn’t going to work.  The ophthalmologist thought maybe the mud was the problem.  Glasses were just sooo not cool and were hard to keep on when underwater, but calling the wrong girl “Honey” because he couldn’t see clearly wasn’t going to work either.

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Old Blue Eyes

While listening to Rush Limbaugh on AM radio one day, Keith heard an ad for colored contact lenses that claimed they could change your life.  He wondered if he got blue contacts if he would sing like Frank Sinatra, “Old Blue Eyes”, his musical hero . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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