Forbidden City

Wrong Turn

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  • For years, the trained guard/attack creatures had been sufficient for home security.¬† And then Reality Television came along . . .

Home Security

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No Hurricane Coverage

The head caretaker for the Forbidden City was at first was concerned about the “no hurricane coverage” clause in the new insurance policy, but realized in time they didn’t get that many hurricanes in the Beijing area . . .

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The Red Door

When choosing his political agenda,¬† Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin¬† had clearly chosen the red door. He wondered, though, what former Senator Joe McCarthy (the “Red Hunter”) would have thought of his choice . . .

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Chinatown Nightmare

Tony’s recurring bad dream of being chased by the giant dragon while he and his friends were frozen in place was troubling–what did it mean? A warning to eat at Taco Bell instead of the Chinese Buffet, or worries about China taking over the world? And why did the dragon have deer-like antlers? Tony’s online shrink didn’t seem to be of much help . . .

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