When Tony learned about the “pet rock” craze in the 60’s he became fascinated; in fact his uncle thought it had gone to the point of obsession or hoarding. . .

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Ups and Downs

When Lindsay told her parents she wanted to be a farmer, they told her it was rewarding, but had its ups and downs . . .

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Tough Row to Hoe

When Georgie had entered politics, he had been told it was “A tough row to hoe.’ ┬áTurns out it was also a long one . . .

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Inspection Time

Jack was worried–Vehicle inspection time was near– and those new computers just didn’t miss anything . . .

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After quite a few foreclosures, the bank began to doubt the skills of some of its loan officers, and decided to reappraise some of the “troubled” assets like this one billed as a “quaint country summer home”.

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Field Trip

When Lars John Johnson (who comes from Wisconsin–he works in a lumber mill there) heard his four year old ask, “Where do corn flakes come from?” and heard his six year old say, “The store, dummy–cereal aisle!” he thought that it might be time for a little field trip . . .

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