Eurasian Collared Dove

Not Invited to the Royals’ Wedding

Percy was miffed that they (the doves) were good enough to be released to fly heavenward as Harry and Meghan exited the church, but not good enough to enjoy the wedding party.  Had bird seed costs in the UK gone that high . . .?

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Not Eurotrash

Bruce and Heidi, though an invasive species, resented being called Euro-trash by uninformed, prejudiced bird watchers.  If anything they should be Euro/Asian Trash . . .

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After Hurricane Harvey left many homes badly damaged or wrecked; the demand for housing made anything with a roof look good . . .

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Balancing Act

Kelly, a newly elected politician, had wanted to help balance the budget, but it proved to be harder than expected . . .

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Breaking Ranks

Clarice knew doves were supposed to be vegan, but after eating two wasps and a dragonfly, she began wishing McDonald’s would offer the McRib sandwich again soon . . .

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Twyla was tired of discrimination and stereotyping–she was always expected to be a gentle vegan–she wanted a double meat Big Mac and Karate lessons . . .

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