Too Pink

The Lefties said she wasn’t blue enough, the Righties said she wasn’t red enough, some girl singer said she was infringing on her “PINK” trademark, and the Feds said she needed an environmental impact statement and Federal permit or she had to quit growing and spreading pollen on Federal land . . .

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EPA Blues

The EPA nearly shut him down: a penalty and tax on cow flatulence, a fine for no manure disposal permit, and more. Hopefully the new Trump EPA guy would lighten up  . .  .

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No Flip-Flops

Sydnie hated the new EPA rule for National Wildlife sanctuaries–no Flip-Flops–she hated the feel of all that slimy mud between her toes . .

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On the Run

It seems the EPA had decided that elk, like their bovine cousins the cows, created significant amounts of high carbon gas in the digestive process.  To stop global warming, it was necessary to fit these elk with a new catalytic converter, and the boys from Washington DC were here in Montana looking for the first recipients.  Bruce (with antlers) figured these DC guys had to be a couple of chips short of a motherboard . . .

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Water Pollution

Candace had just had a nice meal of cotton rats and thought she would lie in the warm waters of the creek and relax.  Soon, though, the EPA was there, citing her for not having a downstream discharge license after recycling those cotton rats. . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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Tax Avoidance

Stuart paid his taxes with only a minimum of grumbling; he understood the government needed to be funded, but when the Environmental Protection Agency slapped a new tax on all fresh fish (and not even just the endangered ones), he knew he was going to be guilty of tax avoidance . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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