• Con quickly found that the real chain gang wasn't as romantic as Paul Newman's Cool Hand Luke or Sam Cooke's Chain Gang song . . .

Chain Gang

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Leaving Home

Gonzalo’s mother had told him if he wouldn’t do his chores, he could find another place to live.  He soon found out he didn’t have a lot to move, especially groceries . . .

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Frequent Flyer Mileage Discrepancy

When Roberta called to check on her frequent flyer mileage total (it seemed low) she was told flying backwards deletes miles earned flying forward . . .

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Anti-Lock Brakes

When Henry bought the new rig, he thought that the salesman was just padding the price when he encouraged Henry to go for the anti-lock brake option, but when Henry, who had been texting his girlfriend while driving, suddenly saw he was about to crash, he began to think maybe ABS wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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Chain Gang

Vern’s mother had warned him about hanging with the rough crowd and playing with guns, and she had been right.  Life on the Chain Gang in Mississippi wasn’t that good an option . . .

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When Lucy’s cousin asked if she  wanted to see the all day marathon of James Bond movies, she jumped at the chance.  Curious, her cousin asked which Bond film was her favorite–“Goldfinger!” she replied without hesitation . . .

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