John Boy, an ultra conservative (and a bit of a gun collector) wanted a real hide-away home with his back protected and a good view for early warning of any trespassers.  He was pretty sure the only ones that would find him here were one of his soon-to-be ex-wife’s  process servers or Jehovah’s Witnesses . . .

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On the Run

Ever since his ex-wife heard that Justin had gotten a new, better paying job, she had her lawyer trying to get him served and into court for what she thought was her slice of the new big money.  He’d gotten pretty good at hiding. . .

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Biting the Hand

Gus, a PETA advocate, thought if he just fed the gator, it would see he was on the side of all animals, including gators.  The gator’s response was more like that of a divorce lawyer, a politician, or a bad tempered pit bull.

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Keeping His Head Above Water

Michael, when asked, “How Y’all doing, Mikey?” always tried to sound positive, but between an acrimonious divorce, spousal and child support, losing his insurance  and an expensive new girlfriend–not to mention the payments on his Corvette and bass boat–was barely keeping his head above water . . .

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Cash Flow

Eugene, while walking along the river to fish, couldn’t but help think that the river was much like his cash flow situation after 3 divorces and child support: highly liquid, but flowing entirely the wrong direction . . .

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Avoiding Service

Larry didn’t really want a divorce–he had no idea his wife was thinking of a divorce until his buddy, Gregg, texted him and said the process server was looking for him.  Trying to keep a low profile, Larry hung back in the bushes; he realized it wasn’t great cover, but on the beach the options are somewhat limited.  Maybe if he stood real still. . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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