• One of Helen's kids, Elly, was no trouble, but her brother Hector was always questioning why they had to eat nothing but green stuff.  "Couldn't we get a McRib or Chick Fil-A for a change?" he asked . . .

Do We Have to be Vegan?

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Two of a Kind

Shirley (right) and Shelley (left) were puzzled; everybody said they were identical twins.  Surely they could see that Shelly’s tail was a full 3/4″ longer than Shirley’s, couldn’t they . . .?

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Willi Jo had thought having twins would be easier; they would play with each other, taking some of the load off, but the reality was they were three times the work . . .

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Crossing the Line

Magdalene (left) tries to explain to her daughter and two nieces that when meeting a new guy you may want to date there have to be lines you just won’t cross, though barbed wire isn’t necessarily one of them . . .

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Common Core

When the Montana mothers saw on Google News that Montana was thinking about adopting the Common Core curriculum, they started immediately for Texas.  They were also intrigued by the lower taxes and better job market . . .

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Wired for Sound

Enrique, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, had been told by his friends that if he wrapped his antlers in aluminum foil he could pick up AM radio and that way not miss Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity every day, and he might be able to get some of the AM oldies stations.  He had two concerns: Would he miss NPR on FM, and would the foil make him an ungulate lightning rod in a thunder storm . . . ?

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