Tattooed Eyeliner?

Tina thought herself reasonably attractive but didn’t seem to be generating much interest from the guys; maybe if she got the tattooed-on eye liner . . .

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Crossing the Line

Magdalene (left) tries to explain to her daughter and two nieces that when meeting a new guy you may want to date there have to be lines you just won’t cross, though barbed wire isn’t necessarily one of them . . .

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Poor Cover

Ozzy was trying to hide from Belinda, his girl friend–he had stood her up and entirely missed their date.  It had been accidental, he hadn’t meant to, but after watching the ball game with his buddies and having a couple of beers, he had fallen asleep in the big futon.  Not knowing he had a date, his buddies just let him sleep.  Why couldn’t this brush be a little taller . . .?

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Big Hair

Lizzie had come to the conclusion that to get asked out by the cool boys, you had to be noticed; big hair and a little outrageous color was her strategy.  She hoped they would notice . . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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Does This Make My Butt Look Fat?

As their dating became more regular, and more serious, the questions–the personal questions–were harder to deal with, but when John’s girlfriend Jackie proudly showed off her long elegant tail feathers and asked “Do these make my butt look fat?” he could honestly say no. . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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