• Adele was getting strange social media posts, for example,  would she be available to escort a group across the border next Thursday?  She knew she didn't even know what or where the border was, and besides, she had a litter of pups to feed . . .

Wrong Coyotes

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Freedom of Religion

Mrs. Wylie Coyote told her husband in no uncertain terms she didn’t care what religion he had joined, he didn’t get to have any extra wives, no matter what the Constitution said about freedom of religion . .

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Not Lassie

When Juan went outside to see what was causing his chickens to fuss so much, he scanned the field, saw his prize rooster missing, and realized two things very quickly:  That wasn’t Lassie, and his rooster wasn’t the road runner . . .

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When accused of being a “coyote” and sneaking immigrants across the border, Yolanda had only one question; “Where do you think I’m hiding them?  I don’t even wear designer jeans and don’t have a purse to put them in.” . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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