Ears Burning

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Feeling Safe

The girls didn’t understand, why should they join PETA, they were in India for goodness sake . . .?

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Easy Peasy

When little Kendall asked his mother about life, she said, “it’s easy peasy: eat, drink, eliminate waste (this requires no conscious effort) and sleep; easy peasy.  She thought they would have the “Where’s the beef?” discussion later . . .

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Farm Humor

When the cows and pigs asked Farmer Jones to tell some political jokes one Friday evening, he said “Sorry, can’t, the manure spreader is broken . . .”

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Brand Issues

Angie knew that cows had to be branded, but couldn’t they do something classy, like Dior, Jimmy Choo, or Chanel . . .

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Troubling Prospects

As election day drew near, the girls were in a quandary: They wanted to vote Green:, but the “Green” folks said cow flatulence was causing global warming, and they should turn themselves in to McDonald’s for the good of the planet . . .

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