Some Repairs Needed

Renting a summer cabin was not proving as simple as Guido had thought.  The Montana “some minor repairs needed” apparently had a different meaning than a Chicago  “some minor repairs needed . . .”

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Out of Range

After hearing of 450 shootings in Chicago over the weekend, Red was glad to be in Texas.  Sure, there was lots of shooting in Texas, just not at people (unless they needed it) . . .

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Missing Lady Gaga

Sadly, Lake Waubesa in McFarland, Wisconsin missed hosting Lady Gaga and her fiance’s first polar bear ice water plunge.  It seems that Lake Waubesa was covered with a solid sheet of ice, unlike Lake Michigan in Chicago (where the deed happened), which had ice chunks but wasn’t completely frozen.  None of the ice fisherman on Lake Waubesa could drill a hole big enough for the Lady to plunge in on her boy friend’s back, much less get back out . . .

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Crane Operator

Known for being always ready with a good line for the chicks and the political savvy of a Tammany Hall ward heeler or a Chicago “Community Organizer,” Jimmy was a smooth operator.  When he saw the ad for a crane operator, he thought he might have found just the thing, but he was somewhat disappointed with the reality of having to go to work early every day . . .

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Voter ID

After being exposed to a “minor radiation leak” at the Hanford Nuclear site, the girl(s) had been monitored and studied for years and finally released just in time to vote in the  2014 midterm elections.  As the radiation exposure had caused some physical changes, they had been quite worried about voter ID at the poll, but it turned out there was no problem–they were told to go to the South side of Chicago–and to vote early and vote often

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