Cattle Egret

  • Carmen knew she had a properly colored beak, elegant plumage and needed a mate, but the boys at the dance were just being a little too pushy . . .


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  • Julie-Marie was once again reminded that on the humid Texas Gulf Coast there were more than a few bad hair days . . .

Bad Hair Day

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  • The Friday night poker game were competitive--at stake were the top nest sites in the rookery. The lower nest sites always had sanitary issues from the nests above.  This was serious poker  . . .


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  • True, Bradley didn't move very fast, but it was a free ride after all, and the tick and mosquito lunch was all you can eat--also  free . . .

Free Ride

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  • When Bobby Jim heard they were going to film a Daffy Duck movie, he quickly applied for the leading Daffy role, only to be told he didn't look "Daffy enough . . ."

Not Daffy Enough

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Frog Legs

After the storm muddied the waters, fishing on the Gulf Coast had been tough, but the frog leg supply seemed to be holding up . . .

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