Donny was confused; being Red used to refer to a Communist, now it meant a Republican, and Cardinal meant a Catholic Cleric or a baseball team member from St Louis.  Couldn’t he just be a bird . . .?

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The Bride of Chucky

Even though he was a newcomer to Hollywood, Thom had been offered the lead in a screen adaptation of Tom Clancy’s iconic novel “The Cardinal Of The Kremlin,” but with his naturally dark face, he had hoped to a score a  lead in  “The Return Of The Bride Of Chucky. . . “

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“What?” asked Henry, “You want me to run for Governor in a blue state?”

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All You Can Eat

Like most “all you can eat” buffets, the food was mediocre on a good day.  That probably was yesterday, thought Ziggy. Today, the sunflower seeds were soft and soggy, left over from last night’s rain, the corn scarce and barely acceptable, and the sparrows had eaten all of those little seeds already.  He thought he would try to do a new food channel TV show for birds, but finding a decent bird feeder these days was tough, and who liked watching or listening to someone who continually whined. . . ?

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Teenage Blues

Jerome was like many teenagers; he was beginning to question his parent’s authority.  He could understand them not wanting him to wear a hoodie–it did make it tough to fly–but why did he have to eat only sunflower seeds? How about some pizza or a Big Mac once in a while, and how about a skateboard?. . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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Camo Phase

Teenage years can be a challenge for young ones; Eugene was going through that difficult kid-to-adult coloration transition, but with cheerful aplomb, he just told everyone that deer hunting season was almost here and he was perfecting his camo look.   . . . .  David, Sf.G.

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