• Pokey was getting his new rock band,  Stickler and the Round Rocks, in shape and hoped for a European concert tour to kick things off.  Booking flight arrangements was proving challenging--something about seat belt issues . . .

Rock On

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Short Fat Guy

Try as he might–diet, exercise, the gym, paddle boarding–Dennis was still a short fat guy, and yes, he was a little prickly about it . . .

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Name Calling

Instead of “Pleasingly Plump,”  “Rotund” or “Mister Symmetrical,” the tough guys and bullies at school only called Hubert “The Short Fat Guy With Bad Hair . . .”

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Can’t Do

Billy had tried to tell his little brother Herby you can’t bite your pop tart to look like a gun at school, even if you’re pretending it’s only supposed to be an air pistol . . .

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Short Half Life

Like some nuclear materials, the cactus buds glowed nicely, but had a short half life . . .

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Cactus Bud Girls’ Night Out

The Cactus Bud Girls annual dance and party had been going quite well until Eva Lou (fourth from right,third row) had pulled out the bottle of Agave juice,  and then things seemed to go on tilt. . . .  David, Sf.G.

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