• Howard told his wife he'd be gone a couple of hours playing poker and drinking beer with the boys, but he got caught in in one of the hurricane's outer bands, so his route home included the Carolinas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, so yes, he was a little late . . .

Some ‘Splaining To Do

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Blending In

When Gina’s family moved and she had to go to a new school, she was concerned about making friends.  Her mother told her, “Don’t make waves, just try to blend in . . .”  Hard, when you’re orange . . .

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Lunch Waits for No Man

Lynnette (pictured) had every intention of waiting for her boyfriend Bob to get there for lunch. Suddenly, her fast metabolism, the overpowering smell of the flower, and perhaps, just the slightest desire to get ahead proved once again that lunch waits for no man . . .

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Wing Damage

Howard’s Windstorm insurance adjuster said that sadly, his windstorm policy didn’t cover wing damage, he should have gotten a wing damage rider . . .

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Local Talent

Twyla Sue had been glad to be chosen for a part in the school talent show, but why couldn’t she have sung “Do The Locomotion” instead of an aria from “Madame Butterfly” . . .?

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Former Black Beauty

When he had first metamorphosed, Clyde was a beauty, but now his wings were getting a little rough around the edges; it made dates more difficult to come by . . .

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