• Lenny didn't mind being vegan (mostly), but those fast food commercials that bragged about bacon and cheese pulled at him.  As he got ready for his afternoon siesta, he thought, "To sleep, perchance to dream (of bacon and cheese . . .)

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

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  • The union rep had cut a pretty good deal for grazing and winter shelter, but somehow he'd dropped the ball on the clothing allowance . . .

Clothing Allowance

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Fixin’ To

On a recent visit to Texas, Wayne frequently heard the term “fixin’ to” and couldn’t understand why so many things had to be fixed, and why always 2, in pairs . . .?

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Buffalo Chips

When the East Glacier boys decided to get rich playing Fantasy Football, they hadn’t counted on the problem of converting buffalo chips (the only currency for bison in Glacier park and bison society in general) to a Visa or Amex card to pay on line . . .

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Social Dilemma

It had started out as just fun, but then the rough crowd crashed the party, and some of those attending were very uncomfortable. Unsure of what to do, Jillian asked her friend CoCo, who replied, “Just ask WWTKD?” When Jillian asked for clarification, the answer was “What would the Kardashians do?” This suggestion didn’t bring the comfort she was hoping for . . .

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