Barn Owl

  • Barney--yeah, his corny parents had named him that instead of Rodney or Gilbert--wanted to open an all-you-can-eat rodent restaurant, but he was having trouble getting funding.  Friends thought maybe using "Barney's" as the name might be the problem, associating the venture with an ineffectual, small town comedy policeman instead of a gourmet rodent spread . . .


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  • Quincy had heard some of the newly elected legislators saying the government should provide free food for all.  But was that just Ramen noodles (hard to cook on the wing or in the barn rafters) or real rodents? And, more important, were they fresh . . . ?

Free Food

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True, Jenny was an owl, and also true some of her extended family did live in or near barns, but she was an uptown girl girl living in the fancy masonry of libraries, theater  marquees,  and courthouses.  Hardly a common “barn owl . . .”

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Who, Whom, or Who Gives a Hoot?

When Daphne’s fifth grade English class was having a hard time learning when to use whom or who, some smart-mouthed little back-row wag loudly asked, “Who gives a hoot . . .

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