• AirBnB listed the Arizona stone house rental as an ideal place to practice nuclear war survival or perhaps a zombie apocalypse¬† hideout.¬† No cable or swimming pool was included . . .¬†

War Games

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Some Californians, leaving what they considered overly high taxes and overly restrictive regulations, thought that the tall rock on the Arizona side had been created to provide the sundown salute to California as they left and headed for Texas . . .

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Russian Connection

The news sites were buzzing–a new source claiming direct connection to Russia was going to send Wikileaks the real election/Russia story . . .

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Flood Proof

The Realtor had to agree, actual home sites were somewhat limited on this property, but she pointed out that on the positive side, it was flood proof . . .

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Low Maintenance

“Yes,” said the real estate guy, “it is a little on the dry side, but cutting the grass doesn’t take long.”

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Crowd Funding Problems

The crowd funding for an Arizona ski resort seemed promising until the photos showing the global warming problems were posted . . .

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