• Graham had been awakened from a good nap only to find there had been no chicken nuggets, no sandwiches, no left over fishing bait,  or gold fish. or the grand prize, (though he'd never had one) no yappy ankle biter dog  that refused to come when their owners called or be quiet when told. . . Why wake up?


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  • Bill was offered big money to do toothpaste commercials--he declined. The last gators he saw on TV were in the Swamp People shows, and those gators went from sparkly teeth to  suitcases, boots,  and purses . . .

No Thanks

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  • It was Maria's first time up from hibernation in the mud at the bottom of the pond since last fall, and she was ready for that first mani-pedi of the year.  She liked to think of it as one of the rites of spring . . .

Rites of Spring

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  • Garth wondered if his new health insurance plan covered cosmetic treatment--the bumps on one side of his nose were larger than the other side, and he valued balance . . .


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Slow Learner

Gino had been hopeful he could train his pet, BoBo, to fetch so he could be used in duck and goose season to retrieve downed birds.   BoBo didn’t seem to grasp  that retrieving meant more than getting the bird in his mouth . . .

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Alligator Tightrope Act

Since boyhood, Jim had wanted to join the circus, and now his alligator tightrope act might let the dream come true.  There were some minor difficulties to work out yet . . .

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