• Everyone has heard of the legendary giant alligator(s) that live in the NY NY sewer system, so to maintain credibility, Mayor de Blasio hired Oscar from NOLA with a promise of (again, legendary) huge rats and the occasional Republican.  Yet here on New Year's Day, not only were there no rats--politicians or otherwise--there wasn't even a slice of legendary NY NY pizza . . .


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  • Aloysius wanted to get into politics and thought he would run on the Reptiles Rights platform.  Sadly, his events and speeches didn't seem to be attracting that many supporters.  Who'd have thought  the PETA crowd wouldn't have gotten behind him at least a little . . .?

Political Platform

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  • No!" the doctor told Huey, "You are not opening for the Rolling Stones or anyone else until you have those tonsils out . . ."

Sore Throat

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  • When Betty heard that George Clooney  was going to be  on Dancing With The Stars, she hired a dancing coach to make sure she had the right moves, but the coach seemed somewhat stiff, not really getting in the groove or feeling the music . . .

Dancing With the Stars

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  • The sisters, Hester Esther and Polly Esther, finally decided to right their parents' cruel "Name" jokes.  The reasoned if they had regular names, they may have been invited to the candidates debates, at least to be in the audience.  True, they weren't Democrats, but they weren't Republicans either. Sort of like Ted Cruz, Texas Independents . . .

Name Change

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  • Graham had been awakened from a good nap only to find there had been no chicken nuggets, no sandwiches, no left over fishing bait,  or gold fish. or the grand prize, (though he'd never had one) no yappy ankle biter dog  that refused to come when their owners called or be quiet when told. . . Why wake up?


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