• Virginia was determined not to have a political or religious argument during the so-called holidays.  It was going to be steep going . . .

Steep Going

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  • Usually, Sandra felt left out, but at office parties it didn't make as much difference; with eight arms, she could always get the best cookies and brownies, as well as glasses of cheap champagne, before anyone else could . . .

Some Advantages

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  • When voice lessons didn't help Bennie's high pitched screech-owl voice, he thought, "Let's just call it a "falsetto" and get a job singing old rock and roll . . ."

Voice Lessons

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  • Kelli, not wanting company, asked for and got a table for one, with the provision she order a full meal, not just sushi.  The tuna rolls were good, but she wasn't sure what to do with the salad and bread  . . .

Table for One

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  • The class was there to see the solar eclipse. They’d been told not to look directly at the sun until the actual eclipse & only with special dark glasses. Howie (12th from the left, 19th row) had brought his 3D movie glasses instead . . .

Solar Eclipse

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Civility in Politics

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