• Once again, the Line Police were circling Walmart and and Kroger's, using their  high tech infrared equipment to spot those sneaking 17 items in a 15 item line or those who didn't use the lanes marked out at the bank , , ,

Line Police

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  • Barney--yeah, his corny parents had named him that instead of Rodney or Gilbert--wanted to open an all-you-can-eat rodent restaurant, but he was having trouble getting funding.  Friends thought maybe using "Barney's" as the name might be the problem, associating the venture with an ineffectual, small town comedy policeman instead of a gourmet rodent spread . . .


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  • The Friday night poker game were competitive--at stake were the top nest sites in the rookery. The lower nest sites always had sanitary issues from the nests above.  This was serious poker  . . .


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  • Ornithologists and scientists had known of crows and ravens using sticks to get ants out of ant holes, but  Fredrick was the first Little Blue Heron they had observed using a stick to get crawdads out of the mud.  Said Fredrick, "I ain't sticking my beak in that stuff . . ."

Tool User

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  • Greg and Bill told Hercules, "Of course we tease and pinch you--you're Mom's favorite! You got the cool name, you get all the craw dads, and we just get tadpoles and mud minnows . . ."

Mom’s Favorite

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  • Mattie was having a hard time finding something to wear for her prom date.  Local shopping was a waste of time, and even with online shopping, it was hard to find something elegant in her size . . .


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