• The art school film department had caught a wave of nostalgia and wanted to create a remake of the Annette Funicello/Frankie Avalon  movie from the early 60's, Muscle Beach Party.  A low budget necessitated some compromises . . .

Muscle Beach Party

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Doorbell Camera?

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  • "Yeah, yeah, Mom,"  said young Huey. I know goats--even mountain goats--are vegan, no choice.  But couldn't we at least have one of those Burger King Veggie burgers so I can not look stupid in front of the coyote kids and the bob cat boys . . .?"

Vegan Burger?

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  • Elton (pictured) had finally done it. Ever since he'd watched that program on BBC about the history of combat aircraft and heard that one of the best was known as "the Harrier," he was miffed; how dare they take his family name and use it without a license or permit? The attorney would be filing in Federal Court Thursday, and the British Embassy should be served by Friday . . .

Trademark Infringement

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  • With articles of impeachment now in play, many have asked, "Where do the articles come from?"  Some investigative work quickly showed that, like many things, the actual work had been out-sourced to an Indian firm specializing in such things . . . 

Where Articles Come From

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  • Daisy (right) and Dwight (left) thought themselves in love, but found snuggling or showing affection was fraught with peril . . .

Snuggling Caution

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