• When Harvey met the alternative health practioner, he quickly learned what his health problem was--he was vegan-intolerant.  No soyburgers for him . . .

Vegan Intolerant

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  • As Beto O'Rourke finished his last day of skateboard fundraising for his presidential bid, he tweeted that he was leaving the crowded field and felt that his campaign was like the Tejas sunset that day, "goin' down . . ."

Goin’ Down

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  • Ming Jao hadn't got the response he hoped for at the annual Lone Star Motorcycle Rally in Galveston, Texas.  With 400,000 attendees and over 100,000 motorcycles, not one of the participants showed any interest in obtaining an import license for the Chinese model touted as the "Harley Davidson" look-a-like . . .

Cold Shoulder

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  • Helen (pictured, wet) was furious; lately, her roommate Suzi had thought it outrageously funny to wait for Helen to get in the shower and then move her towel to where it couldn't be seen or reached, leaving Helen cold, wet, and angry. She was trying to decide if putting a several-days-old fish under Suzi's underthings in her dresser after she left for school was an overreaction . . .

Stolen Towel

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  • When Beauregard's herd said they were going to impeach him, his only question was "Impeachment pie or cobbler?" Clearly, he's not the brightest steer in the group . . .


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Color Change

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