• Jimmy's visitors from New York were blown away by the Texas Gulf Coast sunset, but jimmy said it was "average--well,  maybe just a little spectacular . . ."

Gulf Coast Sunset

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  • When the girls tried out for band, they were all accepted, but they were all assigned to the trumpet section--not a cello player among them.  Disappointing . . .

No Cellos?

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  • Adele was getting strange social media posts, for example,  would she be available to escort a group across the border next Thursday?  She knew she didn't even know what or where the border was, and besides, she had a litter of pups to feed . . .

Wrong Coyotes

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  • The offer of a zoo gig seemed good--plenty of food, no wolves or cougars--but as summer in Houston was starting in the 90's, he dreamed of the snow back in Alaska . . .

In His Dreams

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  • Cody felt like he was being pushed out by the group--they said he had been "taking a Knee."  He wished he could get them to understand he had just slipped on the ice that had been hidden under the snow . . .

Not Taking a Knee

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  • When the snake charmer at the entrance to the park--who also claimed to be a real estate agent--offered to sell Tommy and Ruthie the cool stone building, they were dubious about whether he really had a listing . . .

Snake Charmer

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