• Carrie, who lived in a "Blue" state, was asked by her neighbors how she was voting in the fall elections.  She replied "Undecided". They expressed some doubts . . .


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  • With world conditions so unsettled, many folks didn't know how to securely invest their  money: some leaning towards the stock markets, others towards real estate . . .


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  • While watching the TV news reporting on the US missile strike in Iraq, little Judy looked out the window and asked her mom if that was the missle strike.  Her mother said no, that was just the Washington politicans arguing about the impeachment rules . . .


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  • Everyone has heard of the legendary giant alligator(s) that live in the NY NY sewer system, so to maintain credibility, Mayor de Blasio hired Oscar from NOLA with a promise of (again, legendary) huge rats and the occasional Republican.  Yet here on New Year's Day, not only were there no rats--politicians or otherwise--there wasn't even a slice of legendary NY NY pizza . . .


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  • Enzo, after watching old James Cagney movies on cable TV, just couldn't resist screaming "You dirty rats!" as he dove from the sky to catch the tasty rodents . . .

“You Dirty Rats!”

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  • Sam had wanted to try out for wrestling, but his coach said with no arms there could be a problem, and with his height he'd be better at basketball.  "Sure, coach," he thought, "no arms is solved by basketball . . .?"


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