Personal Grooming Issues

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  • When the younger kids kept begging to stay in the water a little longer at the beach, their big brother Bob (kind of a bully--and in a hurry to get to McDonalds) said, "No, the day is nearly done and dark is when the sharks come to feed on kids that don't listen . . ."

Nearly Dark

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  • Renowned as great climbers, the boys hoped that the fact they didn't like going down all that well wouldn't be the subject of some David Attenborough documentary on PBS . . .

One Way

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  • Listening to the 20+ presidential candidates argue or shoot down their opponents' claims, Lyle thought they all sounded about the same.  If the TV interviewers and radio programs didn't tell him who was speaking, he couldn't tell just by their twitter rants or  social media posts . . .

Who’s Who?

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  • When famous cook Dorothy, who always said, "stay with the recipe, you'll never go wrong," thought about substituting red Habaneros for orange, she thought she heard the recipe police circling overhead in their black helicopter . . .

Recipe Police

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  • When Betty heard that George Clooney  was going to be  on Dancing With The Stars, she hired a dancing coach to make sure she had the right moves, but the coach seemed somewhat stiff, not really getting in the groove or feeling the music . . .

Dancing With the Stars

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