• While mom was out catching breakfast, she told the kids not to watch the neighboring kids trying their first flight (which usually ended in gravity winning).  She didn't want to discourage them for when their time came.  But that was like telling them not to watch Pro Wrestling on TV when she left . . .

Don’t Watch

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  • Unlike most cats, Precious didn't like ladders; she got to the third step and stood her ground. "Not gonna do 'er," was all she would say when encouraged to go higher . . .

Not Gonna Do ‘Er!

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  • As the forest fire raged, the park rangers were pretty sure someone had not obeyed the no smoking signs . . .

No Smoking

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  • With the Montana Elk season starting that day, Kendrick, Lucy, and Brenda thought it prudent to get an early start in the dash for deep cover . . .

Early Start

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  • When Whalon told his schoolmates he was a juvenile black-crowned night heron, but his black crown would come with maturity, his classmates all said, "What is the crown going to make you--The Burger King . . . ?"

Where is the Crown?

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  • Once again, the Line Police were circling Walmart and and Kroger's, using their  high tech infrared equipment to spot those sneaking 17 items in a 15 item line or those who didn't use the lanes marked out at the bank , , ,

Line Police

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