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  • When the snake charmer at the entrance to the park--who also claimed to be a real estate agent--offered to sell Tommy and Ruthie the cool stone building, they were dubious about whether he really had a listing . . .

Snake Charmer

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  • Andrea had been disappointed when her new husband said that, no, they did not have Disney World in Paris, where they would live after the wedding. Her disappointment quickly faded when she took her first walk around town and said to herself, "Yeah, it's not exactly Disney World, but maybe that's the good news . . ."

Not Exactly Disney World

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  • Michael had recently bought a ranch in south Texas and needed to build a fence . He used an Internet bidding service that not only provided pricing but photos of the contractor's work. One bidder from China looked quite promising . . .

New Fence

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Job Search

Mary had to find another job. The saddle sores were bad enough and winter was coming, but the carpal tunnel syndrome from holding that dumb ship up put her job loyalty at somewhere below zero. . .

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Area 51

When the bad boys from high school had had a few beers, they sneaked into area 51; when they saw what the military had not used that had come from outer space, they had to wonder . . .

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The Arc

When Tommy, a Texas cowboy, won a trip to Paris from the Louisiana casino, he was a little overwhelmed.  When the taxi driver tried to sell him the Arc, he declined–no place to put the horses . . .

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